Jerry Smith
Jerry (C-500 A)
Species: Human
Age: Mid 30's
Status: Alive
Job: Actor
Place of origin: Earth C-500A
Relationships: Kristen Stewart (Ex-Girlfriend)

Beth Sanchez (C-500A) (Girlfriend)

First mentioned in: Rixty Minutes
Main voice actor: Chris Parnell

Jerry Smith (C-500A) is an alternate version of Jerry Smith in the dimension of Dimension C-500A. A dimension in which he and Beth Sanchez never got married and had children. Instead, Beth got an abortion and they ended up splitting up. Sometime after Jerry Smith became a famous actor, making appearances in Cloud Atlas, even appearing on David Letterman. He appeared in the episode Rixty Minutes.


Jerry's personality is basically the same as the personality of the original Jerry, only he is put in an environment that respects and advantages him a lot more, which completely takes away from the "loser" side of his personality and replaces it with quite the opposite. Jerry acts like a winner and takes pride in himself being famous. He was very famous and he took so much pride in himself being famous that he acted pretty egotistical and self-absorbed about it.



Jerry and Beth met in high school and had unprotected sex on prom night, but unlike the Jerry Smith of the main earth, he talked Beth into getting an abortion. After that Beth and Jerry drifted apart and without children, they were able to focus on their careers. In Rixty Minutes, Jerry admits that he never got over Beth and hates his life, and that he always regrets not talking Beth out of the abortion.

Kristen Stewart

Jerry used to be in a romantic, or at least sexual relationship with Kristen Stewart. However, he left her because he realized he missed Beth too much.

Johnny Depp

Jerry is good friends with Johnny Depp. The two of them are also very close with each other as he was seen snorting coke with him, meaning he was able to keep cool about it.


  • Originally, Jerry (C-500) was intended to be shot by Rick (C-500)'s Freeze ray and killed at the end of the episode. However, this scene was deleted from the final cut for the episode.


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