Jerry Smith is an alternate version of the original Jerry from Dimension 5-126. He appeared in the episode Mortynight Run


Jerry Smith is an almost identical version of Jerry who lives basically the same life as he does, only in an alternate dimension known as Dimension 5-126. He was one of the Jerrys at Jerryboree in the episode Mortynight Run. He appeared at the end of the episode when Rick and Morty from Dimension C-137 were about to take him home until the Rick (5-126) and Morty (5-126) came with the replacement version of Jerry and said that there was some kind of a mix up. Morty, however did not keep the card which labeled which number he was so they swapped Jerrys, assuming that they were right.


Jerry is a tall Caucasian man with short and slightly curly dirty brown hair. He wears a green shirt with brown and tan stripes on them and blue pants.


  • It is unknown if at the end of the episode, Rick (C-137) and Morty (C-137) got their new version of Jerry and not this Jerry. So it's possible that at the end of this episode, and throughout the rest of the series, Jerry (5-126) was in the place of Jerry for the rest of the series, although this must still be confirmed.