This article is about Jerry as he appears in the game Pocket Mortys. For information on Jerry Smith as he pertains to the series, click here.


Jerry Smith, in addition to being Morty's father, is a rival trainer in the game Pocket Mortys. He is the only human trainer who isn't a Rick.


Pre-Battle 1

Hey, Rick! I think I'm getting the hang of Morty battling. Go easy though, nobody likes a bad sport.

Pre-Battle 2

Oh! Hi, Rick. I wasn't expecting to battle against family. But let's have a bit of fun while we're both here!

Pre-Battle 3

Hey, Rick! I'm really getting into this! Please, let's keep this between us though, okay? I don't want Beth getting involved too, you know how competitive she can be.


No! Morty... Moooorttyyy!!! Rick, you took that battle way too seriously.

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