Jessica's Friend
Jessica's Friend
Species: Human
Status:  Alive
First seen in: Pilot
Main voice actor: Reagan Gomez-Preston
You don't deserve to carry Morty's genes!
—To Jessica under the effects of the Love Potion[src]

Jessica's Friend is an unnamed girl who attends Harry Herpson High School. She is very close friends with Jessica, and is usually seen by her side in most of her appearances, either chatting, or sitting next to her to keep her company. She is voiced by Reagan Gomez-Preston.


Jessica's friend seems to care more about Jessica's popularity status than she does, and is quick to scold her if she acts out of the ordinary. As a result, she and Jessica are among the most popular girls in the school, and apparently decide who else deserves to be deemed popular as well. This caused Summer to alienate her friend Nancy to impress them, but this eventually backfired when they befriended Nancy, and abandoned Summer to go to Squanchy's party. It is also very evident that she is not fond of Jessica's boyfriend Brad, as indicated by her frowning at him in "Ricksy Business" when he started a fight with Abradolf Lincler, and made Jessica upset. Not much is known about her but it can be assumed that if Morty were to succeed in going out with Jessica, that she would be his sole rival for her attention.


Jessica's Friend is an African-American teenage girl with stereotypical red hoop earrings, and black hair in a tall natural Afro. She is usually seen wearing a beige shirt, black pants, and red bracelets. During the Flu Season Dance at the high school she wore a formal orange dress, and matching necklace.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • Her voice actress, Reagan Gomez-Preston also voices another African-American high school girl, Roberta Tubbs in the FOX series, The Cleveland Show.
  • As of now she is still a relatively minor character. More about her will be revealed as the series progresses. And she starts to gain more prominent roles. This was true for both Tammy and Nancy, who began as background characters but eventually became more developed.


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