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Blim Blam

Blim Blam the Korblock

The Korblockians are an species of aliens with yellow skin, large eyes and two antennas.

In the episode "Auto Erotic Assimilation", after boarding a supposedly barren spaceship to go looting, Rick spray-paints one of the walls with a Korblockian symbol so the cops will believe they were the ones who looted the ship.

Korblocks symbol

A Korblockian symbol

Later in the episode, the alien locked in Rick's basement introduces himself as "Blim Blam the Korblock."


  • The only known Korblockian eats babies.
  • Korblockians are biologically incapable of laughter.
  • Korblockians are susceptible to Space AIDS.
  • Blim Blam is voiced by John Kassir, better known as the voice of the Cryptkeeper.

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