Species: Alien
Age: Unknown
Status: Deceased
Job: Scientist
Place of origin: Microverse within Rick's Microverse Battery
Relationships: Zeep Xanflorp (creator)
First seen in: The Ricks Must Be Crazy
Main voice actor: Nathan Fielder

Kyle is a minor character introduced in the episode "The Ricks Must Be Crazy" who existed within Zeep Xanflorp's Miniverse.


Like the other inhabitants of his planet, Kyle is hairless, white, and somewhat doughy in appearance. His eyes are a pale green with dark green pupils, and he wears a lab coat.


Kyle was a scientist who developed a "Teenyverse" similar to Rick's Microverse and Zeep's Miniverse. While the planet he showed to Rick, Morty, and Zeep was not yet advanced enough to be introduced to electricity, it would soon enough render Zeep's Miniverse obsolete.

When he figured out that his own universe was merely microverse within a microverse, and that he existed only to be exploited, he became distraught, recalling that he missed his father's funeral to work on his own microverse. He committed suicide by flying his ship into a cliff, leaving Rick, Morty and Zeep stranded within his Teenyverse.

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