Lil B
Species: Snail alien
Status: Deceased
Job: Jazz Singer
First seen in: The Wedding Squanchers
Main voice actor: Dan Harmon

I'm Lil B alien man, got the funky fresh alien band
—Lil B in the song Alien Jazz Rap[src]

Lil B was a jazz singer who performed at Birdperson and Tammy Gueterman's wedding on Planet Squanch.


Lil B dead

Lil B lying face down in his own goo

Lil B and his band was invited to play at the wedding of Birdperson and Tammy on Planet Squanch. He and the band played Alien Jazz Rap before the ceremony, and another song at the reception. They paused playing when Rick Sanchez was making a toast to the couple. In the ensuing shootout, Lil B's alien band was nowhere to be seen in as they were last seen performing before the shootout. Their musical equipment was still present at the massacre though, and Lil B was shot dead on stage.


Lil B is a four-armed snail alien with a purple shell on his back. He has two antennas and large beige spots along his back to his tail. He has a red unibrow, a green tongue and only three fingers on each hand. At the wedding he wore a purple tuxedo jacket, yellow bowtie and glasses.

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