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Fat Morty: I thought I was left handed Morty

Lizard Morty: Well maybe you can use that left hand to eat vegetables

—Lizard Morty to Fat Morty

Lizard Morty debuts in Season 3 Episode 7 "The Ricklantis Mixup" or "Tales from the Citadel". What is currently known about him is that he's friends with Slick Morty, Glasses Morty and Fat Morty whom he was classmates with at a Morty school.

Based on Slick Morty's remark to Lizard Morty in class when he was accusing Lizard Morty of being a chicken, it is revealed that he was fused with a lizard by a Rick he had implying he was not always a lizard person.


Wall Climbing

Long Tongue

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