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Scorpion Aliens are an alien race featured in the world of Rick and Morty. This species has so far only appeared in two episodes with these episodes being Ricksy Business and The Wedding Squanchers. So far only one member of this species appeared with that member being Scropon, whose fate and whereabouts are unknown after the wedding massacre. Their lack of appearances in the series, combined with the statement from Rick Sanchez that the scorpion aliens home planet was destroyed, strongly suggests that this race is an endangered species.


This species has many crustacean like features as well as some traits from arachnids such as scorpions. Their shell is red with the chest area being tan. Their face consists of four eyes, a pink hairless unibrow, a set of monstrous looking teeth that always show, and four crab like mandibles with two on each side of the jaw. They also have very broad shoulders with the shoulders having pink jagged edges on the top and the back and their hands are basically big lobster like claws. Their feet look a bit like talons with three toes on each and white bandage like straps are on the ankles. They dress attire is somewhat minimal with them only wearing green and black colored briefs and spiked bracelets on the wrists. Their blood color is light green.

Notable Members



  • While Rick stated that the lobster aliens home planet was destroyed, he never states how that planet got destroyed in the first place. However the fact that one of the members was fighting against the Galactic Federation suggests that the Federation played a role in destroying that planet.