Ma-Sha is a character featured in the episode, "Raising Gazorpazorp", and the ruler of the planet of the same name (Gazorpazorp). She is guest voiced by Claudia Black.


Ma-Sha first appeared in "Raising Gazorpazorp", where she is visited by Rick and Summer. Ma-Sha gives them a tour of Gazorpazorp, and tells them the reason for the planets strange form of government. But After discovering that Rick and Summer were yet from another planet that was "dominated" by males, she makes plans to execute them. Summer talks her out of killing them; Ma-Sha gives them a ship, and sends them home.


Ma-Sha feels very indifferent towards males. Not feeling even the least sentimental towards a male gazorpian baby being launched out into the wild amongst the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy. She hates to be on the same level of intelligence as a male, even going as far as to lying just to prove them wrong.


Ma-Sha is a female gazorpian with six arms, tan skin, and a unibrow. She has long black hair under her golden tiara. And a white long sleeved dress that stops at her knees.

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