Maa'lgamia Screnshun
Species: Crittendian
Age: Teenager
Status: Alive
Job: Junior Deputy of the Galactic Federation
Affiliated with: McGlaargle Comics
First seen in: McGlaargle

Maa'lgamia "Maa'lg" Screnshun is a crittendian girl who appearaed in McGlaargle Comic 2 as a bully at a school. She was given the position of Junior Deputy of the Galactic Federation due to her excellent strength.


In McGlaargle nr 2 she used to bully a small Klaaxzovian boy at school until that boy found McGlaargle and brought him to his school to deal with Maa'lg. She responded offensivly to McGlaargle's request to have a talk with her, so he froze her while doing a scan of her body. He found her to have a lot of potential and instead of punishing her for bullying, he gave her an official junior title within the Galactic Federation, showcasing McGlaargle's uselessness with helping people. As McGlaargle left, Maa'lg dragged to klaaxzovian boy away for another round of beating.

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