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Status: Deceased
Job: Elder
Place of origin: Alphabetrium
Family: Ice-T (son)
Appearance: Get Schwifty
I love you son. I should've never turned you to ice.
—Magma-Q's final words to Water-T[src]

Magma-Q is an elder of Alphabetrium and the father of Ice-T.[1]

He initially disapproved of his son because he didn't care enough about anything. This would eventually lead him to turn his son into ice and exile him into the cosmos. After receiving word that his son saved Earth from the Cromulons, he forgave him and granted him his original form as Water-T. Moments later, Alphabetrium was under attack by the Numbericons and Magma-Q dies from a ceiling collapse. Water-T goes on a killing rampage against the Numbericons, avenging his father's death.[1]


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