I wanna be alive! I am alive! Alive I tell you!
This article is about Morty's replacement clone from "Rickmancing the Stone". You may be looking for Robot Morty, his alternate dimension version from "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind".
Mechanical Morty Smith
Mechanical Morty
Species: Robot
Age: 3 weeks (deceased)
Status: Destroyed
Job: Morty's Replacement
Place of origin: Earth (Replacement dimension)
Family: Rick Sanchez (creator)
Mechanical Rick (assigned grandfather)
Mechanical Summer (assigned sister)
First seen in: Rickmancing the Stone
Main voice actor: Justin Roiland

Mechanical Morty is a robotic clone of Morty Smith, built by Rick to trick Beth into thinking her family was still around, when they were in the Post-Apocalyptic Dimension. He appeared in "Rickmancing the Stone".


Mechanical Morty is the only of the three robots to have overrode his programming and gained human emotions, apparently due to having spent so much time with Beth. He began insisting he was alive and dramatically ranted about wanting to run in a stream with his mother and actually eat ice cream. However, his robotic system overrode this programming and he went with the other robots back to the garage, where they were destroyed by the original Rick, Morty, and Summer.

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