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"Meeseeks and Destroy"
Season 1, Episode 5
Meeseeks and Drestroy
Production Information
DIRECTED BY Bryan Newton
WRITTEN BY Ryan Ridley
Broadcast Information
PREMIERE DATE January 20, 2014
RATINGS 1.61[1]
"M. Night Shaym-Aliens!" "Rick Potion #9"

"Meeseeks and Destroy" is the fifth episode of the first season of Rick and Morty. It is the fifth episode of the series overall. It premiered on January 20, 2014. It was written by Ryan Ridley and directed by Bryan Newton.


Morty has grown weary of Rick's shenanigans, so he leads a supposedly safer adventure. Jerry conjures weird creatures to help him with his golf game.


Meeseeks and Destroy 6

Mr. Meeseeks, existing to solve simple problems

After a particularly traumatic adventure, Morty tries to quit all future adventures. Rick pleads for him to continue being his sidekick, but allows him to lead his own adventure. The two strike a bet with each other to see whether Morty's own adventure fails or not, with Morty agreeing to no longer complain if he loses. The rest of the Smith family bugs Rick for a solution to several mundane problems. Rick gives the family the Meeseeks Box, a gadget capable of instantaneously summoning helpers named Mr. Meeseeks. These blue creatures exist only to solve the task at hand. Once their task is solved, the creatures instantly disappear from existence. Rick assures the family that the creatures are happy to die, and warns them to keep their tasks simple. When Rick and Morty leave, Beth asks her Meeseeks to help her become a more complete woman while Summer wants hers to make her more popular at school. Jerry, put out their apparently difficult requests, asks his Meeseeks to do something comparatively simple sounding and help knock two strokes off his golf game.

Morty leads Rick on an adventure through a fantasy world. They stop at a poor village that requests the help of two heroes to help raise money for them. The villagers point towards the sky, where a world of Giants awaits. Morty and Rick climb up a giant plant stalk to the Giant's world and wait on the giant's table for him to emerge. The giant, Dale, appears smelling Rick and Morty and is about to start looking for them (with the intention of eating them) when he suddenly slips over and bangs his head on the corner of the table, killing himself. Dale's wife and son walk in and see the scene, and Rick and Morty are quickly arrested for Dale's murder.

Summer's Meeseeks quickly makes her more popular at school by giving an inspiring speech which wins her a lot of friends, while Beth's takes her on a date and gives her some encouraging advice. However, Jerry struggles to improve at golf despite the coaching from his Meeseeks. Jerry is ready to give up, but his Meeseeks can't stop existing until it completes its task and decides to summon another Meeseeks to help. It isn't long before Jerry is surrounded by several Meeseeks all desperate to get Jerry to improve, since many of them haven't had to exist that long, which leads to the Meeseeks slowly losing sanity as their task fails to be completed. Soon, there are dozens of Meeseeks created but Jerry still isn't improving making everyone involved frustrated. An exasperated Beth heads to dinner and Jerry goes along, telling the complaining Meeseeks that his golf game is more their concern than his. After they've gone, all the Meeseeks blame each other for their predicament and argue over the correct solution soon descending into a massive brawl, tearing each other apart (which still doesn't kill them) while creating more and more Meeseeks to join in the fight. Eventually the original Meeseeks, having been alive for over two days (an eternity in Meeseeks time), tells his fellows that he has a solution to permanently take all strokes off Jerry's game, by killing him.

Rick and Morty are tried in a Giant's Court, but are let go thanks to a technicality. Rick tries to convince Morty to throw in the towel, but he refuses. As the duo climb down several of the Courthouse's giant stairs, they find a tavern called the Thirsty Step. Morty, still bounding with confidence about the success of his adventure, confronts Rick about his constant negative attitude before going to the bathroom. There, he runs into Mr. Jellybean. Mr. Jellybean asks Morty about his adventure before attempting to rape him. Morty fends him off but is visibly shaken afterwards. Rick decides to start enjoying himself and takes part in karaoke and wins several hands of cards, giving him a sizable amount of money. Morty emerges from the bathroom and Rick apologizes for his previous negative attitude, but Morty begs Rick to go home, admitting to losing the bet. Rick pieces together what happened when he notices the bruised Mr. Jellybean leave the bathroom and tells Morty the adventure isn't a failure, and persuades him to get a ride down to the village and share his winnings with the townspeople. Morty cheers up, and the two leave.

Beth and Jerry go out to dinner, and the horde of Mr. Meeseeks descend on the restaurant wielding various weapons. Jerry and Beth escape into the restaurant's freezer, and the Mr. Meeseeks began taking hostages to coerce Jerry to come out. Jerry almost gives in, but Beth encourages him to try his golf swing one last time. Jerry emerges from the freezer and uses a severed pipe and tomato to prove that his swing has improved. The Mr. Meeseeks celebrate and disappear, all except for one 'stickler' Mr. Meeseeks who takes a hostage and asks to see Jerry's short game. Jerry hits an onion into a coffee cup, which finally dispatches all of the Mr. Meeseeks.

After sharing their remaining money with the villages, Rick congratulates Morty on a successful adventure and agrees that Morty has won the bet. The villagers then ask Rick and Morty to meet their king, who turns out to be Mr. Jellybean. Morty quickly convinces Rick to open a portal to leave. The duo are gone briefly before Rick's hand re-emerges from the portal with a laser gun, shooting and killing Mr. Jellybean.

The trauma of the restaurant incident helps patch together Jerry and Beth's relationship for the time being.

In an after credits scene, two of the villagers find a box of photographs showing the true nature of Mr. Jellybean, but they burn it to keep the king's legacy untainted. The episode ends with a shot of his (rather suggestive) statue of his with his arms around a small child.


Major Characters

Minor Characters



All the Meeseeks died after their tasks were complete. As was stated earlier, existing is pain to the Meeseeks, and the only thing that could kill them was the completion of their tasks.

Mr. Jellybean attempted to rape Morty in the bathroom which resulted in him being beaten senseless to the point where he was horribly disfigured and maimed. When it was revealed that he was actually the king of the entire kingdom, Rick and Morty quickly fled back to their home dimension, but not before Rick took one last laser gunshot back into the dimension, blowing up King Jellybean for trying to rape his grandson.

Due to a freak accident, Dale fell and busted his head open on the corner of his marble table counter and died.



  • This is the episode where Rick first invents his catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!"

Cultural References

  • The title of this episode is a reference to the Metallica song "Seek and Destroy".
  • The song Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynrd is featured in this episode, being sung by Rick Sanchez.
  • A minor error occurred when the original Meeseeks said that he's tried helping Jerry for currently two days, although judging by the events and the daytime setting, the episode only spanned throughout the period of less than one day.
  • The introduction of the episode makes a reference to the movie Event Horizon, with demonic, arcane, and fringe-science references found in the film, aside from visual similarities to the film's settings.
  • Jerry putting the menu up to his head and saying "Countries known for their sexually aggressive men." was a reference to Carnac the Magnificent.


View the full transcript of this episode here.


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