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This article is a transcript of the Rick and Morty episode Meeseeks and Destroy. It is the fifth episode of Season 1 and aired on January 20, 2014.

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[Open Ext. Damaged space station, likely in another dimension]

(The sky is purple and tumultuous as the sounds of Rick and Morty running and panting are heard.)

[Trans. Int. Space station]

(Rick and Morty run through the abandoned station, pursued by evil clones of Jerry, Beth, and Summer.)

Rick: Run!

Jerry, Beth, and Summer: *incoherent zombie noises*

(The three clones tackle Rick, knocking a device from his hand. Morty stands by, unsure of what to do.)

Rick: Morty, do it! Hit the button now!

Morty: I can’t do it, Rick! They’re my parents and sister!

Rick: *holding off the clones* Morty, I already told you, it’s not your family! They’re clones from an alternate reality possessed by demonic alien spirits from another dimension’s future! Do you need a mnemonic device or something? Just hit the button already!

(Beth’s clone leaves Rick and approaches Morty, panting viciously until she gets close, and she seemingly becomes her normal self again.)

Beth: Morty, please. I love you, sweetheart.

Morty: Ohhhh…

(Morty hesitates a second longer before darting past Beth. He glances up at the clones, then covers his eyes as he hits a button on the wall, creating an energy field that destroys the clones, whose faces seem to melt. Morty watches, horrified. As soon as they’re gone, Rick jumps to his feet and grabs the device that absorbed the spirits, apparently unbothered by the entire event.)

Rick: Good work, Morty.

(He creates a portal and jumps through.)

[Trans. Garage]

(Rick and Morty leap through the other end of the portal back to the Smith residence.)

Rick: *holding up the device and smiling* Y-You know, these demonic alien spirits are really valuable!

(Screen pans out to show that Morty is vomiting in the corner. Rick glances at him and puts the box away.)

Rick: You okay, Morty? Told you not to trust that tuna.

Morty: I just killed my family! I don’t care what they were!

Rick: I dunno, Morty. Some people would pay top dollar for that kinda breakthrough.

Morty: Y-You know what, Rick? That’s it! I-I’m done with these…insane adventures! That was really traumatizing! I quit! I’m out!

(Morty turns and starts to walk out of the garage.)

Rick: Whoa whoa whoa, *grabs Morty’s shoulder, stopping him* come on, Morty! D-D-Don’t be like that! The universe is a crazy and chaotic place!

Morty: *pushes Rick’s hands away* You’re the one that’s crazy and chaotic! Adventures are supposed to be simple! And fun!

Rick: Oh yeah, Morty. Yeah, t-t-that- that’s real easy to say from the sidekick position. But—But, uh, h-how about next time you be in charge, then we’ll talk about how simple and fun it is.

Morty: *suddenly excited* Seriously Rick?! Y-You’ll let me call the shots?

Rick: Okay, fine. But let’s make it interesting, Morty. I-I-If your adventure sucks, and we bail halfway through it, you lose the right to bitch about all future adventures.

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