Sergeant Miggs is an IDEA (Intrgalactic Drug Enforcement Administration) sergeant who spearheaded the biggest drug-investigations in his sector. He was tasked with taking down the "Penp Pimp"/Rick Sanchez (C-132).


Sergeant Miggs noticed a new planet-wide drug hysteria had broken out on Planet SAMEJ-34. He saw that someone was testing out a new drug, Penp Juice, made from the now extinct Penps on Flarbellon-7. At first he suspected it could've been the Fifth Street Bleeping or the Pep Pep Boyz, but quickly discarded these theories as it was not their style.

After Rick had a shootout with Fauntleroy and her Pep Pep Boyz, which ended with her and her whole gang reduced to pulps of blood on the floor, Sergeant Miggs arrived at the scene with other agents to investigate the incident. He interviewed a large old rat-alien who said he saw a four-armed man with a silly hat who had done the killing.

The IDEA managed to capture one of Rick's Meeseeks which Rick used to distribute his drugs without being found out by the police. This backfired when the meeseek was made unable to deliver his package and was as cooperative as possible with the hope of thr IDEA killing him afterwards. This lead the sergeant and his team to Flarbellon-7 where Rick was hiding out with Morty(C-132), and sending an assasult team on their location. Rick fought back by summoning a huge amount of meeseeks and escaping in the commotion. After Rick left with Morty and Summer(C-132), they had conveniantly also left Peacock Jones behind; an alien with four arms and a silly hat, which matched their description of the Penp Pimp. They arrested Peacock and put him in jail, finishing their case.

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