Moopian in jail
Species: Moopian
Place of origin: Crepk’tct 4
First seen in: The Wedding Squanchers

Moopians are grey, mouthless species of aliens resembling the most used description of aliens being sighted on Earth. They only have two fingers and two toes; they possess telepathic abilities, which has resulted in Moopians always being completely honest with each other and unable/unwilling to tell lies.[1]

A Moopian, Splungonius Moonk, went to Earth to eavesdrop on humans thoughts. For the first few days, Splungonius was bored by only hearing humans' hopes and dreams. After several days, Splungonius discovered the human social interaction of lying to each other; saying one thing, but thinking the complete opposite; and was perplexed by this as lying is not done on Crepk’tct 4.[1]


  • They may appear to believe in a God called Glaarg[1]


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