Morty's Room

Morty while sleeping

Morty's Room is the room of the secondborn of the Smith Family, Morty.


Morty's room is a small bedroom with white walls and green carpet. His bed is in the corner and there is also a rug in the middle of the floor, which is a blue circle that looks like the solar system. He also has a desk on the other end of the room, where he does his homework and a bookshelf, full of action figures and toys. He has posters on his wall, one of a girl in a bikini and one of a magnet. He also has a green flag on the wall, right next to his bed, that reads "Science". Morty's room is decorated to express his love for science. On the top of the shelf there are two helmets, the left one is the French helmet from the first World War, the "adrian helmet " and on the right, the M1916 version of the German first World War helmet, the "Stahlhelm ". Under the magnet poster there is a poster that reads “Darth Buddha”.

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