This article is about Morty Jr.. You may be looking for his father, Morty or Cronenberg Morty.
Morty Smith Jr.
Morty Jr Sitting
Species: Half-human, half-Gazorpian
Status: Unknown
Job: Novelist
Family: Morty Smith (Father)
Gwendolyn (Mother)
Rick Sanchez (Great-grandfather)
Leonard Smith (Great-grandfather)
Joyce Smith (Great-grandmother)
Jerry Smith (Grandfather)
Beth Smith (Grandmother)
Summer Smith (Aunt)
Hemorrhage (Uncle)
Diane Sanchez (Great-grandmother)
First seen in: Raising Gazorpazorp
Main voice actor: Finnegan Perry (baby)
Will Jennings (child)
Justin Roiland (teenager)
Richard Christy (young adult)
Maurice LaMarche (adult)

Mortimer "Morty" Smith Jr. is Morty Smith's son. He was conceived by Morty and a Gazorpian sex robot named Gwendolyn in the episode "Raising Gazorpazorp". Morty Jr. grew from an infant to a full adult at a hyper-increased rate, allowing him to quickly outgrow his father.


As a character of the day, Morty Jr. appeared in Raising Gazorpazorp. While not actually present, he is mentioned in Rixty Minutes when Rick and Morty tune to Gazorpazorpfield.


Being half-Gazorpian, Morty Jr. is prone to violence and destruction and has a difficult time fending off these urges. While he has the humanistic tendencies to listen and be non-violent, his Gazorpian genetics influence him to seek out destruction and death. After being swayed with words, he decides to be a creative type and later channels his destructive nature in writing.

Post-credits, an aged Morty Jr. has an interview about a book he wrote, "My Horrible Father". Becoming much calmer and suppressing his Gazorpian urges to kill and conquer, Morty Jr. expresses a cynic and dark view of his childhood, criticizing his father Morty for raising him imprisoned.


Despite having a human father, Morty Jr. possesses the traits and abilities common among full-Gazorpian males, including claws, fangs, superhuman strength, destructive impulses, crimson skin, arms in place of ears, and a short lifespan. Unlike full-Gazorpian males, who possess four eyes, tufts of light blue fur and bestial faces when fully-grown, Morty Jr. has two eyes, no fur and a mostly humanoid face well into adulthood.


  • Aging quickly, Morty Jr., like most citizens of Gazorpazorp, grew from an infant to a young adult in less than 24 hours.
  • Unlike other citizens of Gazorpazorp, Morty Jr. possesses 2 main arms instead of 4. This trait was likely passed down from Morty's genes.
  • His favorite channel is the History Channel.
  • Unlike his father, Morty Jr. hates cartoons and videogames.
  • Before his father told him, Morty Jr. was unaware that he was alien-human hybrid as he asked "I am an alien?"
  • Since Gazorpians age very quickly, previously stated that he grew to a young adult in less than 24 hours, he can be presumed dead given his advanced aging and that he was already well into his mid-life shortly after going out on his own.
  • He can be seen on the Loot Crate exclusive puzzle.
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