"Marmalade is served" - Mr. Beauregard

Mr. Beauregard is a minor character that appears in the episode Total Rickall.


Mr. Beauregard is the Smith family butler and saves the family and Cousin Nicky when they are captured by a Nazi. He helps Jerry Smith dislodge his head when it's stuck between the railings on the stairs, as well as attends Morty Smith's dance as his date. Like many of the other characters in the episode, he is a persona created by the Alien Parasites.

He is killed by Rick Sanchez after the Smith family discovers how to weed out the parasites.


  • Mr. Beauregard appears also on the opening scene of some episodes during the pillow fight scene.


  • Mr. Beauregard appears to be based off of the titular character from ABC's '80s sitcom Mr. Belvedere.

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