Mr. Marklovitz was the CEO of the Haas & Milan company and Jerry's old boss. He first appeared in the episode M. Night Shaym-Aliens! where he fired Jerry, but he has since been seen making background cameos in a few future episodes. According to the Galactic Federation website, his role as CEO was eventually replaced by Kl’iiik Mijupsrit, in turn of the alien immigration events at the end of "The Wedding Squanchers".


In the episode M. Night Shaym-Aliens!, there was a holographic world where everything looked the same as reality. One of the projections was Mr. Marklovitz and the Haas & Milan. It was revealed in this episode, that Jerry worked there. Inside of the holographic projector, he pitched an idea for his new slogan for the company in front of Mr. Marklovitz and his co-workers. Mr. Marklovitz agreed to this idea which made him very happy. He went home and celebrated, until he realized that his new slogan "Hungry for apples?" was just a rip-off of "Got milk?" He went back to the office and told Mr. Marklovitz the truth. By this time, the holographic projections were not working as well as they used to, so Mr. Marklovitz only snapped his fingers and said "Yes." in response to everything he said, which got him fired, rehired, promoted, and awarded an Appley award. When the holographic projections broke down, Jerry realized that everything was fake, and so he was heartbroken and left in tears.

In the post-ending credits epilogue for the episode, Jerry went to the real Maas & Milan and talked to the real Mr. Marklovitz and pitched his idea for his new slogan, believing that it would work the same way it did in the holographic projector. Mr. Marklovitz immediately fired him for this and Jerry lost his job. Mr. Marklovitz criticized, him as he left, asking how he could possibly go home to have sex with his wife, being the person he is.

The original Mr. Marklovitz presumbly became a Cronenberg in Dimension C-137.

In the episode Get Schwifty, Mr. Marklovitz is seen among the people in the Church.


Mr. Marklovitz is a tall Caucasian man with a full head of gray hair and a long, but slightly wrinkly face. He wears a white shirt with a red tie and a black vest and gray overcoat and pants of the same color. He also has black shoes.

Episode Appearances


  • In the episode Auto Erotic Assimilation, one of the members of Unity looked identical to Mr. Marklovitz only with the color scheme of that alien race and added antennae.

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