Species: Human
Age: Unknown, likely 17.
Status: Alive
First seen in: Ricksy Business
Main TV actor: Aislinn Paul

Nancy is a classmate and friend of Summer's who initially only appeared in cameos in the episodes, "Rick Potion #9, and Something Ricked This Way Comes, usually within small crowds. She made her first official appearance in the episode "Ricksy Business". Where she attends Rick's party at the disdain of Summer.


Nancy is one of Summer's less popular friends, she plays flute (most likely in the Harry Herpson High School band). Summer tries her best to try to get rid of her. She tags along with Morty and Abradolf Lincoler to find Collaxion Crystals for Rick. Over the course of the party, Nancy lets other party-goers know about Summer's unfair treatment of her. In "The Rickshank Rickdemption", Summer texts Nancy, enthusiastically. Suggesting that since their last appearance on-screen together, they have become friends again.


Nancy has a long face, and long nose. She has dark brown hair and square glasses. She usually wears a white shirt and a thick, dark magenta jacket.


Summer Smith

Nancy is a friend of Summer's, but she doesn't get as much respect from Summer as her other friends do. Summer doesn't care much about Nancy and doesn't think she's all that popular or pretty. She always tends to shun her out of conversations and blow her off, but Nancy continues to try and be friends with her, because she feels the need to be friends with a popular more pretty girl. This was all until the episode, "Ricksy Business", where an experience, seeing Abradolf Lincler die in front of her, made her realize that she was being treated like garbage by her friend Summer and so when she returned, she defriended her. In the episode "The Rickshank Rickdemption" Nancy texts Summer about them drawing and quartering aliens in the school courtyard, suggesting that they have become friends again.

Morty Smith

Nancy and Morty are kind of acquaintances. The only time they really did anything was in "Ricksy Business", where she, Morty and Abradolf Lincler went on a walk through the Testicle Monster Dimension. The two of them talked some, but that's really all that they did. In the episode "Rick Potion #9", due to Rick's Love Potion infecting her and the other students in the school, she fell madly in love with Morty and started chasing him around the school. This, of course, was only due to the potion messing with her brain and had no affect on her actual relationship with him.

Rick Sanchez

Nancy and Rick don't really interact much, but Nancy is fully aware of Rick's existence and knows everything about how he's a crazy scientist and the stuff he can do. It's not likely that Rick knows anything about her, though. In the episode "Ricksy Business", she went to a party, that was hosted by Summer, but Rick was fighting her, saying that he was hosting the party. At the party, she went to get some Kalaxian Crystals for him and later watched him do The Rick Dance.

Rick invited Nancy to his party at the end of "Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender" which means he may have developed a friendship with her offscreen.


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