Pawnshop Clerk
Status: Alive
Job: Clerk at Pawn Shop
Affiliated with: Pawn Shop Planet
First seen in: Raising Gazorpazorp
Main voice actor: Tom Kenny

Like you would even know d**k about fraculation. Your planet just got cellphones, and the coverage still sucks!
—Pawnshop Clerk to Rick Sanchez[src]

The Pawnshop Clerk is the only known employee at Pawn Shop Planet. His species eats sulfur.


Rick and Morty visited his pawn shop and the Clerk tried to sell Rick a Multi-Phase Quantum Resonator for 70 smidgens, but because it couldn't defraculate, Rick only called it a broken defraculator. The Clerk then proceeded to badtalk Earth and doubt Rick's knowledge of fraculation. Rick decides to just go to another pawn shop, but Morty wanted a sex-robot he found in the shop. Rick ends up with buying the resonator and the sex-robot for 60 smidgens.


The Pawnshop Clerk has beige scaly skin with certain parts being red. He has two yellow eyes with beige iris, long dark hair, unibrow and no visible nose. On each hand he has got four fingers linked with webbed skin, and several ridges on his back. He wears a metal cuff on each wrist with a green tube from the cuff into his forearms.

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