Penps are alien cloud seals who live flying on the planet Flarbellon-7. They went extinct as a result of the explosion that took place when Rick(C-132) and Morty(C-132) first went to Flarbellon-7 to collect Penp Juice and became entangled in a fight between Barbarica and Robobros. They were later upgraded to endangered after Summer(C-132) returned and released Penps she had stolen from space zoos.


Fully grown Penps are huge in size, being larger than elephant seals. Their skin is completely pink with very protruding buttocks. Their two eyes are grey and their tongue is always sticking a little bit out of their mouth. They have a small stump that is reminiscent of a tail. While grown Penps are far larger than human adults, baby Penps are about the size of a human head.


Penps are kind and gentle creatures who float/fly around in the sky. They are very nurturing towards their offsprings, but they are not overly protective of each other as seen when no Penp attempted to attack morty after he had clubbed a Penp out of the sky. Their diet consist of either vegetation or insects.



Summer releasing a Penp back into wild

Rick, Morty and Summer went to Flarbellon-7 to hunt down a Penp for its stomach juice, which is an extremely powerful natural psychotic, but under the belief it was an extremely potent medicine. Morty was able to swat one Penp out of the sky with a shovel, while a fight was going on between Barbarica and a group of Robobros. This Penp landed on top of Barbarica and some Robobros, killing them. Rick used this opportunity to activate the Robobros' selfdestruct sequence, but had Morty reach shoulder-deep into the Penps butt with a device to soak up the Penp Juice. Shortly after, the Robobros selfdestructed and blew up the whole Flarbellon-7 Penp-population, effectively driving them extinct.

Summer returned later with Peacock Jones after they had raided a number of space zoos in order to steal all the Penps they could find and restore the species on Flarbellon-7.