Hey, welcome back to Personal Space. I'm your host, Phillip Jacobs, and let me tell you, I care about my personal space.
—Introduction to the Personal Space Show

Phillip Jacobs is the host of the Personal Space Show, an interdimensional television show watched by Rick, Morty and Summer at St Gloopy Noops Hospital.


When Rick changes the channel on the hospital TV to the Personal Space Show, Phillip Jacobs is welcoming back the audience. He seems very paranoid and jumpy about anyone who might be around him, then turns back to the show. He guides the audience over to a slideshow where he presents the key points of personal space (personal space, personal space, stay out of my personal space, keep away from my personal space, get out of that personal space, stay away from my personal space, keep away from dat personal space, personal space and personal space)

He states that he is so passionate about personal space, that he isn't even interested in having skin of himself. He then proceeds to rip his own skin off his body, until he is stood bloody and nothing but muscle. He then ends the show, telling the audience to tune in next week.


Phillip Jacobs is a thin, middle aged, white, bald male who wear a short sleeved, white polo shirt and blue jeans. He carries a small recorder than he plays the Personal Space Show theme tune on.


While everyone at the hospital finds Phillip Jacobs and the Personal Space show weird and confusing, some aliens enjoy the show, with one swinging his arm with Phillip during the slideshow. While a hamster in a butt walks away from the television in annoyance, the show has some popularity within its own universe, as Phillip states its the "best show ever" and its "the show we all grew [up with] and love". However, this could just be a personal opinion.

When Phillip rips his skin off, Summer finds the action gross, while Morty finds it humorous and Rick exclaims "what an asshole".


  • The Personal Space Show is broadcast on BBC 2.
  • The website for the Personal Space Show is
  • The character Philip Jacobs seems to be suffering from a form of social phobia and/or obsessive compulsiveness disorder since he seems to be obsessed with his "personal space" and warning the viewers to keep away from his personal space and even to point of tearing off his own skin.

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