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S2e10 take a picture

The photo harassed alien is an alien character who so far has made his only appearance in the episode The Wedding Squanchers. He was one of the guests who attended the wedding of Tammy Gueterman and Birdperson. He had a minor role in that episode as he was shown being annoyed by a cyborg photographer during the wedding reception and quietly shrugs him off. The fate of this alien after the episode is unknown as he was last seen shooting at several Galactic Federation members and somehow vanished after Scropon was shot and injured. However the photo harassed alien was never seen shot, killed, or injured and its unknown if he survived the wedding massacre or not.


The photo harassed alien is an alien who has a dark blue skin on his shoulder and head areas as well as olive green skin on his sides and lower area. He seems to be fish like in appearance as he is never shown from the front but from the side, he appears tomhave two bulging red eyes and fish like lips with the lip area having yellow skin. He also has greenish blue tendrils on top of his head. He also does not wear any clothes.


  • This character's face was only shown from the right side as it has a fish like appearance. He was only shown for the entire episode from the back and never from the front.

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