Photography Cyborgs are a type of cyborgs who can be hired to take pictures at social events, while some work for the Galactic Federation.


One photography cyborg was hired to take candid pictures at Birdperson and Tammy's wedding on Planet Squanch after the wedding ceremony. He walked around and notified each guest before photographing them, to their annoyance. He presumably did not survive the ensuing fight with the Galactic Federation.

Cyborg photograph Rick

Photography Cyborg at Galactic Federation Prison

Another cyborg worked at the Galactic Federation Prison where Rick was imprisoned. He took Rick's mugshot very up close after apologizing and clarifying that he was not staring at him.


Cyborg expel photos

Photography Cyborg expelling pictures

Of the few photography cyborgs seen, the only common feature is red pupils in their eyes. These work as camera lenses for the pictures they take. They also have some, if not the whole, of their face visible as well. However, one cyborgs is shown to look identical to a human, save for his red pupils, while another is covered by armor, cables and different lights. With or without extra armor, all photography cyborgs act really stiff and robot-like, but taking a photo.


All photography cyborgs act the same way when they are to take a photo. They approach the intended subject of the photo and always feel the need to assess to their subject that they are not staring at them, but is taking a photo of them. They tend to apologize before or after taking pictures. They also do not seem to use a flash and only some cyborgs produce a noise when they take a picture.

They print out the photos they took via their mouth while not looking particularly happy about it. The stream of photos seems to have to be pulled out of the cyborg's mouth, and not just printed out.

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