TYPE Planet
FIRST EPISODE Something Ricked This Way Comes
LATEST EPISODE Something Ricked This Way Comes


Pluto is a planet inhabited by sentient Plutonians. This location is first mentioned in Something Ricked This Way Comes when Jerry and Morty Smith are abducted and transported to Pluto because the Plutonians monitored Jerry's phone call to NASA about Pluto.


The appearance of Pluto is immensely dull with little-to-no details. The ground is mainly blue and the buildings are mushroom shaped.


One major industry on Pluto is mining for plutonium to power cities. Due to excessive drilling by Plutonian corporations, Pluto shrunk and led Earth's astronomers to reclassify it as a dwarf planet rather than a planet. This decision angered the local population and is actively fought against by the Plutonian elite.

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