Post-Apocalyptic Mutants
S3e2 bart simpson
Species: Mutants
Status: Alive
Place of origin: Post-Apocalyptic Dimension
First seen in: Rickmancing the Stone

The Post-Apocalyptic Mutants inhabit what used to be Seattle in the Post-Apocalyptic Dimension. They are the result of staying around the radioactive holes in major cities. They are regularly hunted by Death Stalkers.


In Post-Apocalyptic Dimension, a nuclear war presumably broke out in the USA and several nuclear bombs were dropped on major cities. After this, humans divided themselves into two groups: the ones who moved to the desert and the ones who stayed in the cities. By staying in the city, a human would mutate into a green monster-like shape.


As a result of the heavy radiation, most mutants have a great like for billboards and advertisements. The radiation decreased the mutants intelligence, reducing them to zombie-like creatures. The mutants still wear what clothes they had before the mutations started.

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