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Pulse Rifles were Galactic Federation-standard military rifles used by Gromflomite soldiers. They were first seen in the episode Pilot, where Rick and Morty were attacked by Gromflomite Guards wielding the rifles. Their official name was unveiled in the short, "How To Prepare Your Unborn Hatchlings" where it was used to fry larvae, gravel, and ration packets. The video can be found on the website

They aren't very accurate, as neither Gromflomites nor Tammy, a high-ranking Galactic Federation agent, can hit Rick Sanchez with one, unless the episode The Rickshank Rickdemption is taken into account, albeit the belligerents were the Citadel of Ricks and the Galactic Fed. The Pulse Rifle has about as much power as a .50 caliber rifle, and is at least semi-automatic. It is able to punch clean holes through Birdperson, who is immediately subdued with six shots. There is a noticeable spread of fire across Birdperson's torso. The ammunition is currently unknown, although it could be a magazine similar to the one Rick uses with his laser gun in Total Rickall. It is different shades of gray, with three notches

along the "barrel" exposing a red coloring. There are two vertical prongs around the "muzzle" which serve no apparent purpose. It has no stock, hinting that there is no need for one as the rifle has little to no kick.