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Purge Planet Ruler
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Species: Cat-Person (Alien)
Status: Deceased
Job: Ruler of the Planet
Place of origin: Purge Planet
First seen in: Look Who's Purging Now

The Purge Planet Ruler is the unnamed and extremely rich and greedy, sadistic headmaster of the Purge Planet who appeared in the episode Look Who's Purging Now. He is a selfish and snobbish asshole who only cares about himself and all the money he gets. He lives in an extremely luxurious mansion, while his people live in an Amish country and he has an organized, yearly purge, where everybody has one day where all laws are disabled and everyone can kill each other in a free for all. Rick, Morty, and one of his people, known as Arthricia, broke into his mansion one purge night and they killed him, for his horrid ways of running their country and they overthrew him, to keep their country in a safer place.

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