Introduction scene to Quick Mystery

Quick Mystery is an interdimensional TV show hosted by a grown man in a trenchcoat, most likely a crime detective. He introduces each quick mystery by saying a variation of "Here's a quick mystery".

Rick randomly switches to this show in Rixty Minutes and the Smith family watches it for a short while before continuing to flip through channels.

Each episode consists of clips of short murder mysteries where a murder has been committed and the perpetrator stands forward and admits to the murder while also presenting the murder weapon. That person is then arrested and convicted by a judge to jail or execution.

Quick mystery is a satire of the detective genre by presenting mysteries in a simple, unrealistic and anti-climactic way. It mocks detective stories like Sherlock Holmes, Poirot and Miss Marple by showing what they would be like if all of the complexities were removed. This is one of many detective genre satires within Rixty Minutes with another being Baby Legs.

Some quick mysteries:


First quick mystery

  • Man was stabbed outside of a liquor store and a policeman asks who did it. A gangster walks forward presenting the knife he used to kill the victim with, and a paper with his fingerprints. He is then found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

    Second quick mystery

  • A man finds his mother dead in her bed. A man with an eyepatch and vest walks in admitting to the murder, gives over the bowling pin he used to kill her, and asks the man to cuff him with the handcuffs he brought. The man is found guilty and sentenced to execution by electroshock.

    Third quick mystery

  • A large, tattooed man shoots himself in the head with a rifle, but not before claiming to be his own murderer, covering the host with his own blood afterwards.

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