Rick's Father (known only as Mr. Sanchez) is the father of Rick Sanchez and grandfather of Beth Smith. His real name is unknown and he has never been seen in the show. He was mentioned in the episode Auto Erotic Assimilation.


In the episode Auto Erotic Assimilation, Rick and Unity were going to have an extremely kinky sex orgy, which involved multiple different things. One of Rick's requests was so that "Every man that remotely resembles his father would watch."


S2e3 men that look like ricks father

Men that look like Rick's father.

  • Although it is unknown what Mr. Sanchez looks like, after Rick's sex orgy with Unity, involving every man that looks like his father, there was a group of short, middle-aged men that were all wearing white suits, blue ties, glasses, and short hair. This could be a hint toward what Rick's father's appearance and usual clothing attire is.
  • Rick's sex orgy involving his father, may mean that he has an Electra Complex, which means that he desires sexual relations with his father.
    • Typically, an electra complex is felt by a female child, but since Rick is a pansexual, he must prefer his father over his mother, for a deeper meaning than his gender.
    • However, none of the men that remotely resemble his father seem to be naked or tired from sex, unlike the redheads, so it's possible that he just enjoys his father watching for some reason.

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