Screenshot Title or description Intended episode Found on Episode Order
Dinosaur1 You Made a Dinosaur Pilot Rick & Morty Season 1 1
Morty assists Rick in his lab and accidently makes a dinosaur by doing what Rick told him not to do.
RockyMountains2 Rocky Mountains Anatomy Park Rick & Morty Season 1 1
What is happening in the Rocky Mountans.
Nonsense3 Morty's Nonsense Rap M. Night Shaym-Aliens! Rick & Morty Season 1 1
Rick asks Morty to defuse the system.
PoliceResearch4 Police Research Meeseeks and Destroy Rick & Morty Season 1 1
Rick and Morty are being researched by giants.
Alternative5 Infinite Realities Rick Potion No. 9 Rick & Morty Season 1 1
Rick and Morty step into one of the many possible realities to find their other selves torn into pieces.
AlnernativeTVCut6 Alternative TV Rixty Minutes Rick & Morty Season 1 1
Rick, Morty and Summer are watching "Unrelatable Seinfield" and "The Young and the Restful". Also Rick makes an appearance on TV.
TvBros7 Broken TV Ricksy Business Rick & Morty Season 1 1
Morty has got problems with the visitors.

All deleted scenes can be seen on the Rick and Morty Extras YT channel.

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