Rick Sanchez
Rick D99
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Affiliated with: SEAL Team Ricks
Citadel of Ricks
Place of origin: Earth (Dimension D-99)
First seen in: The Rickshank Rickdemption
Main voice actor: Justin Roiland
Hi Rick. Bye Rick
—D-99 said when he shot C-137[src]

Rick D-99 was a member of SEAL Team Ricks who was sent by the Citadel of Ricks to assassinate Rick Sanchez (C-137). He was clearly among the toughest and most dangerous Ricks as he was part of their elite assassination unit. His body was used by Rick C-137 in his elaborate plot to destroy the Galactic Federation.


Like the other members of SEAL Team Ricks, D-99 had a black line painted under each eye and wears a brown, robotic suit. Also like the other members, he had a very distinct hair style from regular Ricks by sporting a mohawk, but still had the same hair colour.


Rick was serving as a part of SEAL Team Ricks when the Citadel of Ricks found Morty and Summer Smith in Dimension C-137 after having detected a compromised Portal gun, and dispatched SEAL Team Ricks to infiltrate the Galactic Federal Prison and assassinate Rick(C-137) to avoid their secrets being leaked.

SEAL Team Ricks stormed the prison interrogation room right after Rick(C-137) managed to transfer his mind into Cornvelious Daniel and was about to leave. They gunned down all the gromflomites in the room (except Rick) before D-99 personally shot Rick(C-137)'s body through the head, killing Convelious Daniel instead. Once he looks away, however, Rick (in Convelious Daniel's body) is able to direct the Brainalyzer at D-99 and swap their minds. This is immediately by another of the SEAL Ricks shooting Convelious Daniel, killing D-99. What follows is C-137 in D-99's body taking out the whole SEAL Team Ricks before escaping.

Later, Rick returns to the Citadel in a SEAL Team spaceship. Not accepting to talk to anyone there except for someone with high clearance, he is put on with Commander in Chief Rick. The swiftly swaps their minds as well and orders a militia-worker at the Citadel to blow up the spaceship, destroying the last remains of D-99.

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