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Rick and Morty Issue 9

Issue 9 CJ Cannon

Issue 9 Maximus Pauson

Issue 9 Giahna Pantano

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Rick and Morty Issue 9 is the ninth issue of the Rick and Morty comic series. It was released on December 23, 2015 by Oni Press.


Summer explains to Rick and Morty how her Morty got so powerful. Jerry betrays the resistance.


The Summer who saved the due, takes C-132 Rick and Morty to the headquarters of the Resistance. A small group of freedom fighters, including Jerry, in opposition to this dimensions tyrannical dictator version of Morty. After Summer explains how their Morty took over Earth, Rick and Morty get into a fight and head off in different directions of the HQ building.

Morty meets up with Jerry, who turns out to be working for Tyrannical Morty. He holds Morty hostage with a ray-gun in front of Rick and Summer, and demands Rick come with him. The two argue back and forth, and Jerry winds up accidentally shooting Morty through the chest.

Rick pulls a gun of his own from his lab coat and threatens to kill Jerry, which he responds to by detonating a bomb.

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