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Status: Alive
Place of origin: Unknown, but destroyed
First seen in: Ricksy Business

Scropon is an alien friend of Rick's he appeared in the episode Ricksy Business. He only made a cameo and he had no speaking lines, except for being heard sadly crooning as he left the scene. He was seen looking very sad at the party for some reason and Rick tried to get Morty to talk to him, possibly to cheer him up, but Morty stopped him because the last time he did that, it was with Gearhead which turned out to be a disaster. So, when Morty ignored him, he started a conversation with Rick, and so Scropon just walked away, sadly and on the verge of tears. According to Rick, his entire planet was destroyed. He is not seen again for the rest of the episode, which implies that he spent the rest of the party crying over his planet. He is possibly seen again in wedding squanchers as a background character and this time he is seen in a more bright and cheerful mood while socializing with Beth. He is shot in the shootout between the galactic federation and the party attendants and he is shown shooting at federation members before being shot himself which implies that the galactic federation possibly played a role in destroying his planet. As of now his fate after this is ambiguous as its unknown whether he or just another menber of his species showed up at the wedding.


  • The name of Scropon's species and the name of his home planet is unknown


Ricksy Business

The Wedding Squanchers (Possibly)

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