Species: Lobster Alien
Status: Unknown
Place of origin: Unknown, but destroyed
First seen in: Ricksy Business

Scropon is an alien friend of Rick's. He first appeared in the episode Ricksy Business.


He only made a brief appearance and he had no speaking lines, except for being heard sadly crooning as he left the scene. He was seen looking very sad at the party for some reason and Rick tried to get Morty to talk to him, possibly to cheer him up, but Morty stopped him because the last time he did that, it was with Gearhead which turned out to be a disaster. So, when Morty ignored him, he started a conversation with Rick, and so Scropon just walked away, sadly and on the verge of tears. According to Rick, his entire planet was destroyed. He is not seen again for the rest of the episode, which implies that he either spent the rest of the party mourning over his planet or left the party early while in depression.

He made another brief appearance in the episode The Wedding Squanchers, attending the wedding of Birdperson and Tammy. He was seen among other aliens laughing with Beth. His joy in this episode may imply that he was able to overcome his feelings of sadness and move on from what happened to his planet. Unfortunately Tammy betrays Scropon at the wedding when she reveals herself to be a deep cover agent for the Galactic Federation and proceeded to murder Birdperson, which causes a shootout. During the massacre, Scropon gets shot in the left shoulder by a gromflomite soldier and collapses back first on the floor. As of now it is unknown whether Scropon survived the massacre or not. However, it is shown that Scropon was lying face down on his stomach with his right arm stretched out after Squanchy transforms into a hulking monster to try to take down Tammy, which is strange as he was shot at the front side and landed on his back first, which implied that he was crawling around until falling unconscious.

Given all of this combined with where he was shot, it is heavily implied that he survived the massacre but was somehow arrested by the Federation for unknown reasons. He may have been freed from imprisonment after the Federation's collapse in The Rickshank Redemption.


Not much is known about Scropon's personality as he was not seen as much in the series. In his debut episode, he was revealed to be in severe grief because his home planet was destroyed by unknown circumstances. Despite his monstrous appearance, he appears to be a friendly and easy going guy. He seems to hate hearing the word "destroyed" a lot as he growled sadly when Morty said it.


  • The name of Scropon's species and the name of his home planet is unknown
  • While its unknown who or what caused Scropon's home planet to be destroyed, it is possible that it was destroyed by Klargon death squads or by the Galactic Federation. It is very likely that the Galactic Federation was responsible for the destruction of Scropon's home planet giving the Federation is militaristic in structure and Scropon was seen shooting at their soldiers at the wedding massacre, which further suggests that he wants revenge on the Federation.


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