Shipzuvians are an alien race that appear in the Rick and Morty universe. One of them was a guest at Tammy and Birdperson's wedding.


Shipzuvians are a large and hulking race of aliens that are a bit taller and wider than the average human. They have blue skin with some light blue fur on the sides of the face and on their back. Their arms are very long while their legs are short and even though they can use all four of their limbs to walk even though they can walk on only their legs if they so choose. Their lips are colored light blue with two fangs protruding from the lower jaw. Their eye color seems to be disproportionate from each other as their right eye is colored black while the other is colored white. However, the eye color of most of their species seems to be black as then one in the Galactic federation prisoner database has a pink colored scar that vertically goes across his right eye, which could mean that he was blinded in that eye, which would explain the different eye colors. Their chins are more of a lighter shade of blue and appear to have a few hair stubbles on the middle of their chin.