Time Eater
Species: Alien
Status: Alive
Job: Timeline Cop
First seen in: A Rickle in Time
Main voice actor: Keegan-Michael Key
Other voice actors: Jordan Peele

Shleemypants is an immortal and omniscient alien with the ability to time travel, who appeared in the episode A Rickle in Time. He is an alien who works as an multidimensional police officer, keeping the multiverse safe from all benders of space time. He confronted Rick when the latter built a machine that unintentionally split time into multiple different clones of itself. His weapon of choice is a live, slug-like creature named Chris.


Shleemypants is a red, vascular monster who appears to be made of internal flesh with several small little hairs on it. His only facial feature is a giant mouth full of crooked and disordered yellowish teeth. He has long arms with three fingers and a thumb on each hand (described as vestigial, yet still functional) and no legs, his body simply floating off the ground. He wears a long tan robe that is very ripped and torn at the trim and ends of the sleeves. He also wears a brown satchel, used for storing his equipment.


Shleemypants is a very sassy, trash-talking creature who does not take shit from anyone and gets very rude and even violent when angered. He talks and acts like a stereotypical "angry black man". He enjoys using the word "ass" as substitute for other curses.


His omniscience is both a strength and a weakness, as Rick and his family simply created many overlapping timelines to overwhelm and defeat him.


  • He is a parody of the Time Eaters from The Langoliers.

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