Slime Aliens are an unnamed alien species that appear in the Rick and Morty universe. They are very prominent in several episode with one having speaking lines in then Pilot episode


Slime aliens are as the name implies, aliens whose bodies are primarily composed of a slime like substance. They all have one eye that is usually colored blue. They come in a lot of colors with the most common being green and purple. They have no limbs but many of them carry around a fanny pack close to their stomachs. Apparently they are a fragile race as if someone lands on them from up above, it would kill them due to their bodies exploding from the impact.

In Rick and Morty's Rushed Licensed Adventure one of thsse aliens appear and it does have a tentacle-like arm which it can retract into its body when not in use. They can also vary in size, with most being shorter than the average human, and a few being a lot larger than most Gromflomites.


Slime aliens appear calm of nature and friendly to most. They have shown to be able to speak english, while some have only spoken their own incomprehensible language. They have only been seen eating bugs, and any other diet is currently unknown. Some slime aliens tend to leave slime-trails wherever they go, it's unknown why not all slime aliens do this.


  • The actual name and home planet of the slime alien species is unknown.

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