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Slow Mobius
Status: Alive
First seen in: Ricksy Business
Main voice actor: Chris Romano

Slow Mobius is an inhuman friend of Rick Sanchez' that appeared in the episode "Ricksy Business". He is a time lord that has the ability to slow down time with some giant clock-like time wands. He is voiced by Chris Romano.


Slow Mobius is a green, pale-skinned, alien creature. He is very fat and wrinkly and he has some warts on his head. He has a face, similar to that of Rick's, with the same shape mouth, a dick-shaped nose and giant eyes. He wears a space suit that has some a giant clock on the front of it. He also has a band around his head with a clock on the front of it.


  • Although the creators have stated multiple times before that Rick will never mess with time, because of all the problems it could cause, Rick was seen telling Slow Mobius to slow down time, while he was doing The Rick Dance.

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