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is Jerry Summer's biological father?

Seemed like Beths "yeaaaaaaah" at the end of episode 5 was less "you ruined the moment" and more "im not actually sure shes yours..."

It was deffinately a: you ruined the moment bit. After Beth was happy that Jerry didn"t leave her like the other guys she had a relationship with, Jerry runied the happy moment by basically saying that he didn't leave her because he got her pregnant. Shonebee (talk) 12:43, September 22, 2015 (UTC)

Season 3 ep 1

Summer said the new calander made her 47, and Morty was made 35 (was 14).  

14x=35  -->  x=2.5

2.5y=47   --->  18.8

Summer is either almost 19 or 19.