The Great Struggle
Rick revolution
LOCATION Warmonger Rick Dimension
FIRST EPISODE Rick and Morty Issue 4

The Great Struggle was an alien civil war that is referenced in the fourth issue of the Rick and Morty comic series.

Plot Involvement

In the story of the comic, Rick brings Morty to an alien dimension, telling Morty that he rescued the aliens there from a war, and gave them a place to live. Rick then has Morty work among the aliens to spy on them. Consequently, he meets an female alien named Daphna, and gains her trust. She decides to show Morty a warehouse full of bombs and weapons, telling him that they are relics of The Great Struggle, the war Rick rescued them from. Daphna also shows Morty a propaganda poster of Rick promoting the war to convince him that Rick started it.

After Morty returns and confronts him, Rick tries to defend himself, saying, "I didn't create the laws of supply and demand, okay? I merely abused them with very little regard for basic human decency!"


  • "The Great Struggle" is commonly used in contemporary times to refer to the American Civil War