Rick and Morty - The Rick Dance

Rick and Morty - The Rick Dance

"The Rick Dance" is a song sung by Rick Sanchez in the episode Ricksy Business that went along with his own dance move of the same name.


Rick: Put your right foot forward
and your left foot back
and f**king slide around
like on a NordicTrack.
Move to the left.
Step to the right.
Wiggle your elbows
and look up into the light.

Backup Chorus: It's the, it's the
it's the Rick dance.
It's the, it's the
it's the Rick dance.

Do a twist, then do a turn
One, two, three, just gotta learn
To do the Rick you gotta' jump up and down
Bend your knees, and Make this sound:
Wubba. Lubba. Dub dub!

Rick: Slow-Mobius, hit me with a clock beam!
Backup Chorus: It's the, it's the
it's the Rick dance.


  • A NordicTrack is a brand named treadmill that was apparently used as product placement in this show, only so that it would rhyme.
  • The extended version was cut for unknown reasons
  • Before starting this, Rick screamed "Wubba Lubba dub dub!", which might mean that Crystal Kalaxian causes pain

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