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"The Ricks Must Be Crazy"
Season 2, Episode 6
The Ricks Must be Crazy
Production Information
DIRECTED BY Dominic Polcino
WRITTEN BY Dan Guterman
Broadcast Information
PREMIERE DATE August 30, 2015
RATINGS 1.91[1]
"Get Schwifty" "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez"

"The Ricks Must Be Crazy" is the sixth episode of the second season of Rick and Morty. It is the seventeenth episode of the series overall. It premiered on August 30, 2015. It was written by Dan Guterman and directed by Dominic Polcino.


When Rick's car breaks down, he and Morty go inside its battery. Morty discovers that Rick has created a miniature universe inside the battery.


When Rick's car breaks down, he and Morty attempt to fix it by journeying into the battery. Morty discovers that it contains within it a miniature universe, one which contains a planet inhabited by intelligent life; Rick has created it for the sole purpose of generating power for his car. The task of restoring the battery to functionality is complicated by the planet's discovery of alternate energy sources that bypass the mechanism that provides Rick with energy: they have created their own miniature universe-in-a-box. Meanwhile Rick's ship is protecting Summer in ways she isn't comfortable with.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • The title is a reference to the movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy".
  • When Rick questions Zeep for not going to school, he argues back, raving about how school is worthless and that it's not a good environment for people to learn in and that he's more destined to do important things in life by himself in his laboratory. This was a callback to the Pilot episode when Rick said the same thing at the breakfast table to Jerry. Rick felt very stupid about this and Morty mocked him for it.
  • Rick calls "Go, Go, Sanchez ski shoes" to activate a hidden mechanism in his shoes. This is a reference to Inspector Gadget.
  • The bit where Rick implores Morty to use the tech he implanted in his body to "concentrate" and "turn into a car" is a reference in timing and dialogue to a similar scene featuring the Autobot Blurr and Daniel the human child in the 1986 animated cult classic "The Transformers: The Movie".
  • The scenery in the Miniverse bears an uncanny resemblance to Frank Lloyd Wright's "Fallingwater" in terms of architectural principle.
  • Beth and Jerry are not seen or mentioned anywhere throughout the entire episode.
  • Rick asks Zeep to give them a magical tour, a wonder in Zeep's miniature universe. Zeep says then to Rick, "This isn't a chocolate factory", a reference to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  • As Rick is fighting Zeep, the scientist Kyle remarks to Morty that during the development of the micro-planetary power source he ended up missing his father's funeral, due to focusing too much on his work. Based on the rules of the episode (with each miniverse having its own "Rick") this implies that Rick may have missed his father's (Beth's grandfather's) funeral, which caused him great inner turmoil.
  • This episode seems to be very similar to the movie The Thirteenth Floor.


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