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The Scientist Formerly Known as Rick
Species: Human
Age: Presumably 60
Status: Deceased
Job: Scientist
Family: Morty (grandson) Beth (Daughter) Jerry (Son in-law) Summer (Granddaughter)
First seen in: Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind

The Scientist Formerly Known as Rick first appeared in Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind as a variation of Rick who denounced the name Rick. He was against the Council of Ricks as noted by Rick (C-137). He was killed by Evil Rick.


The Scientist Formerly Known as Rick was at one point visited by Evil Rick and Evil Morty in his own dimension. Evil Rick pursued other Ricks in order to kill them and steal their Mortys. He shot Former Scientist Rick through his cheek in an angle to exit through his temple before they ran off with his Morty.


This Rick had large curly light-blue hair, with a unibrow, a moustache and a soul patch of matching color. He wore a white frilly shirt underneath a purple jacket with a tall neck. He also wore matching pants, belt and shoes, with three gold rings on one hand and one on the other.


It is evident that The Scientist Formerly Known as Rick had a history of disagreement with the Council of Ricks when this was brought up by Rick (C-137) at his own trial. It can be assumed that he and Rick shared some form of friendship or mutual respect as a result of their feud with the council. It would also appear that he was famous among other Ricks when all Ricks present at Rick (C-137)'s trial gasped when learning of Former Scientist Rick's death.


  • This Rick was a parody of Prince, as evidenced by his clothing, hair style, and moniker. The name also derives off of a nickname people called Prince when his artist name was a symbol.
  • Despite being dead in the series, The Scientist Formerly Known as Rick appears in the Rick and Morty game, Pocket Mortys. Here, he is referred to as The Scientist Known as Rick, hinting the game takes place before Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind or that the game is it's own timeline where he is still alive.

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