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Time Travel is the act of moving forwards or backwards against the natural flow of time. It is unknown what this entails, and it has never been directly used by Rick in the series, but it is known that Rick had made some breakthroughs in this science, as he had a box labeled "Time travel stuff" on the shelf in his makeshift laboratory/garage.


In the episode Ricksy Business, Rick used a gadget to freeze time so that they could clean up the party they had before Beth and Jerry got home.

In the episode A Rickle in Time, time was still frozen from the previous episode and had been for the equivalent of six months. When time was unfrozen, Rick, Morty, and Summer were unable to touch anyone or anything for a while, or else a paradox would ensue. This rule was quickly broken and time started to split in two and eventually multiply throughout the episode. Each version of time was slightly different, with differences such as Morty and Summer switching places, and they had to control the places they went in order to fuse time back together again.

A Fourth Dimensional Being who has the ability to time travel appeared in this episode and threatened to put Rick in Time Prison for abusing time but Rick beat him up and sent him back into time travel mode, sending him back into a different time period. In the post-ending credits of the scene, he and another Fourth Dimensional Being were seen inside of a giant bubble which would teleport to a bunch of different time eras as fast as a click. They went looking for Rick and attempted to beat him up, but came across Albert Einstein, thinking it was him by mistake, and beat him up instead. This is the only time any actual time travel was featured in the show.


  • Both Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have stated in interviews that they will not be using time travel in the series because they believe that every possible story they could make out of it has been done already.
    • Despite saying this, time travel was included in the pilot episode as Rick both "went to a future dimension" to retrieve medicine to heal Morty's broken leg, and "spent so much time there that his portal gun ran out of charge", but returned in a matter of seconds.
    • They did, however say that although they wouldn't time travel, they will be time bending in season 2 of Rick and Morty.
    • Although not directly used by Rick and Morty, time travel was used in the episode A Rickle in Time, when the Fourth Dimensional Being used it to find Rick.
    • This does make it curious, however, that the asteroid location of Jerryboree in Mortynight Run is described as cross-temporal.


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