The Titanic 2, also named Titanic: Experience the Romance is a commercial boat that recreates the events of the 1997 movie, Titanic, based on the real-life sinking of RMS Titanic. One of its crew members is a woman named Lucy, a Titanic fanatic who acts as a maid on the ship. The ship was shown in the episode "Ricksy Business".

Jerry decides to take Beth on a date to the ship, which she is unenthused about. The ship includes many features that bear resemblance to the movie, such as an attraction at the front of the bow.

Using a system of rails and hydraulics, the Titanic 2 was designed to execute a controlled sink in a similar fashion as the movie. When Jerry questions the system, which he calls "archaic", a crew member assures Jerry that the boat is "un-unsinkable". However, after a system malfunction, the Titanic 2 narrowly misses the iceberg, preventing the ship from performing the iconic sinking scene.