Tree People
Status: Extinct
Place of origin: Teenyverse
First seen in: The Ricks Must Be Crazy

Tree People are a race introduced in the episode The Ricks Must Be Crazy. They exist within the Teenyverse created by Kyle. Morty becomes the leader of the people when Rick and Zeep, and himself are trapped within the Teenyverse. They, along with their universe, were killed when Rick destroyed the Miniverse.


Morty: While Morty seems to be the de facto leader of the Tree People and they have shown to listen to his everyword, Morty, once in confidence of Rick and Zeep  has shown his immense dislike of the Tree People and desperation to get away from them.


When Rick and Zeep broke into a fight while escaping from the Teenyverse and Miniverse, Rick smashed the Miniverse which also contained the Teenyverse, into pieces, likely killing the Tree People.


  • The Tree People eat every third child born based on the belief that it makes fruit grow larger.
  • They do not appear to live in very sanitary conditions, as Morty coments that they're "Gross and smell like piss".

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