Tuskfish Aliens are an alien species that is prominent in the Rick and Morty Universe. The actual name of this species is unknown but many of them have appeared in several episodes.


Tuskfish Aliens have an appearance that is a cross between various fish and various mammals. Many of these aliens have pink skin, blue eyes with irises that are very similar to fish and octopus, feet that look a bit like stumps, and a small red fin on top of their scalp. They also have a pair of short tusks on the lower sides of their jaw and also have a blue tongue. Some of these species can have much redder skin and have hair or feathers grow on their scalp. Many of them also dress in usual summer like clothing, often wearing a loose white shirt and shorts that apparently look tight. They also appear to have the same genitalia as humans given the bulges in the shorts they usually wear. Many of them also appear to sweat profusely but whether its sweat or water is debatable. Their fish like appearance and apparent sweating heavily implies that they are an aquatic species and that their home planet mostly features oceans. Their blood color is yellow


Not much of the behavior of the Tuskfish Aliens is known but they appear to be quite friendly, positive, and upbeat. They are often seen socializing with other aliens and talking about certain topics such as blemflarcks. They don't seem to show any discomfort from their heavy sweating and have no problems breathing on air even though they are fish like in appearance, suggesting that they can breathe on both land and water. Its implied that they have a fondness for physical fitness as evidenced by their summer like clothing, heavy sweating, and the fact that many of them have six pack muscles on their stomach areas.

Notable Members


  • Despite their prominence, the actual name of the Tuskfish alien species is unknown


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